Pump Knowledge

Pump Knowledge

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Understanding any given pump’s performance curve enables you to understand the limitation of that pump, reducing downtime and maintenance cost.
pros and cons

Although self-pumping pumps is easier to operate, it still has its limitations and fair share of problems.
putting on gloves

80 percent of centrifugal pump problems are caused by not priming a pump or not doing it properly.
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With seemingly endless variety of sizes and type of pumps on the market, it can be very confusing. We aim to clear up the confusion.
fluid viscosity

A fluid’s viscosity, or thickness, will affects how it will behave in a pump. Fluids are classified into four main groups Newtonian, Pseudoplastic, Dilatant and Thixotropic.

If the pump is forced to do what it cannot do, then it fails frequently and prematurely.